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Leading companies use product configuration tools to determine the optimal configuration of resources required to construct the product. These tools first take in all of the job properties involved in making the product – ranging from dimensions and weight to specifications – then employ sophisticated modeling functions to help optimize equipment setups, sequence jobs, and balance machine loads.

The result? Fewer bottlenecks, maximum throughput, and an overall improvement in asset utilization. The VCPowerPack suite is the ultimate answer for all SAP® ERP users with a high demand on product configuration.

The VCPowerPack suite consists of following four core modules: CoreVC, SmartVC, SmartMD and SmartPR.

CoreVC performs essential functions for any variant configuration model. It ensures data integrity within various product scenarios. SmartVC contains business logic and an advanced user-friendly interface. It allows the customizing of your configuration layouts and processes. SmartMD automates material creation, calculates costs, updates pricing and maintains customer information records. SmartPR can, within seconds, determine prices for different order quantities and respective margins.

We offer the following products and services:

  • Variant Configuration General Consulting
  • SAP® ERP Module Consulting
  • Training
  • VCPowerPack Media – our solution for the printing industry. Includes labels, booklets, inserts, outserts and multiserts.
  • VCPowerPack Packaging – our solution for the packaging industry. Includes corrugated boxes, folding carton and paper.
  • VCPowerPack Plastics – our solution for the flexible and plastic packaging industry. Includes films, bags, consumer products and food packaging.
  • VCPowerPack Mill – our solution for the paper, metal and glass industry. Includes brown paper, metal packaging and glass packaging.
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